Magnus Liedtke

Co-Founder & CTO

During my career as a software developer and technical consultant, I have experienced first-hand how difficult it is to identify and overcome technical obstacles in the workplace. Therefore, it has become my passion to tackle these problems, find solutions and implement them successfully.

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The foundation for my electrical engineering and information technology studies was laid early in my childhood. As a young boy, I had the opportunity to tinker with computers in my parents’ garage. Since then, digital technology was always part of my life. Even back then, I worked with friends on my own projects, such as my own model car or an audio amplifier.

After graduating from high school in Germany, I decided to continue my education with a focus on computer science at the HTL in Braunau, Austria.  I was able to dive into the world of programming for the first time and took my first steps in web development. Afterward I started my studies (Electrical Engineering & Information Technology) at the Vienna University of Technology and thus moved more in the direction of hardware development. In my studies, besides the technical part, there was a lot of emphasis on critical thinking, as well as on the development of complex models with a high degree of automation.

Besides my studies, I worked for more than six years as a software developer in a medium-sized company and was able to gain experience in large projects. My tasks consisted of analyzing the operating processes and, together with our customers, mapping and integrating their work processes in our customer-specific software solution. So I developed customer-specific database systems.

My strengths are interface connection, building database structures, connecting hardware & software, as well as customer training, and implementing customer specific needs on-site and remote.

Through my studies and multiple years of work experience as a software developer and technical consultant, I have observed how difficult it is to identify, avoid and resolve stumbling blocks in working environments in the first place. Therefore, it is my personal motivation to have an impact on the technical infrastructure of companies in order to ease the everyday life of all stakeholders (e.g. employees, customers).