At whom is HOSCOM targeted?

HOSCOM is primarily aimed at the upscale hotel industry. However, our software can be used across all hotel categories.

How do I receive the latest news from HOSCOM?

Updates about HOSCOM are announced on LinkedIn as well as on our website. The latest updates are also always shared via the founder profiles of Robin Renschler and Magnus Liedtke.

What is the goal of HOSCOM?

Our mission is to close the information gap between employees and guests, integrate required tools and flexibly link the existing hotel IT system landscape. Ultimately, we want to simplify the daily work of hotel employees and optimize the quality of the hotel.

What awards has HOSCOM already won?

HOSCOM has won the Gründungspreis+ of the Startup Competition – Digital Innovations from the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection and was awarded as one of the most innovative technological German startups 2022. HOSCOM was among the finalists at the startup competition promotionNordhessen. At the VentureVilla Seed Accelerator, HOSCOM was able to win...

What are the benefits for hotels?

Communication: HOSCOM ensures a holistic connection of the hotel. For the first time ever, operational staff is interconnected. In addition, HOSCOM digitalizes & automates the daily work processes across all departments. Access and reachability: All employees have access and can be reached via one channel; be it in the hotel, in the home office or...

What is important to HOSCOM?

Employee-First: We start and end processes from the perspective of employees and their departments.