Hyatt Regency Mainz relies on the holistic internal communication software HOSCOM

Munich/Mainz, 21.11.2023

HOSCOM the innovative Munich-based start-up from the hotel technology sector, is celebrating a major success with the successful launch of its holistic internal information and communication platform at the renowned business hotel Hyatt Regency Mainz.

The HOSCOM hotel software enables holistic communication in hotel operations. From reaching all team members, targeting individual teams (outlets) or entire departments, to direct interaction with individual employees via 1:1 messaging, HOSCOM offers a comprehensive solution for internal communication. In addition, the platform integrates practical toolboxes that can be used for daily tasks such as reporting repairs, recording lost items in Lost & Found or viewing dishes with photos, allergen information and wine recommendations in the F&B menu.

About the cooperation with HOSCOM & the added value of HOSCOM

Franka Kretzschmar, Director of Operations & HOSCOM’s project contact, emphasises the seamless collaboration with the hotel tech company. “The implementation and onboarding with HOSCOM was quick, easy and supportive. The open communication with the founders Robin Renschler and Magnus Liedtke was extremely helpful. The collaboration throughout the entire process, from planning to implementation, including the follow-up, is very professional and on an equal footing.”

The hotel employees particularly appreciate the seamless communication and the ability to access all important information via one platform. The introduction of HOSCOM not only makes the duty roster, handbook, table plan and function sheet available digitally and on mobile devices, but also makes the entire flow of information in the hotel more transparent and efficient. Flexible use on various devices, from PCs and tablets to smartphones, enables a smooth user experience and collaboration for operational and administrative staff. HOSCOM defines the standards for modern hotel management and creates a working environment in which state-of-the-art technology, efficiency and service quality go hand in hand.

"It is also important to digitalise the employee journey"

And HOSCOM goes far beyond conventional communication. With its Open API philosophy, the company is focused on modernising the entire hotel technology stack. This goal drives HOSCOM to create innovative solutions that not only improve internal communication, but also lay the foundations for a whole new era in the hotel industry.

“(Technological) innovation is the key to improving the guest experience,” emphasises Malte Budde, General Manager of the Hyatt Regency Mainz. “With HOSCOM, we have not only found a hotel-specialised communication platform, but also a partner who shares our pursuit of service excellence and enables us to use our resources more effectively. In addition to the guest journey, it is also very important to digitalise the employee journey.”

The next innovation partners are to be realised

“The go-live at the Hyatt Regency marks a decisive milestone since the founding of HOSCOM,” emphasises Robin Renschler, Co-Founder & CEO of HOSCOM. “It shows that our platform is in demand in leading hotels. And this is just the beginning. We still have a long way to go on our mission to “simplify the daily work of hotel employees through easy-to-understand and intuitive technology.” HOSCOM is now looking over the horizon and plans to introduce its innovative solution to its next innovation partners. The enthusiastic response from the Hyatt Regency Mainz encourages the company in its endeavours to help shape the future of the hotel industry with intelligent technology, always according to the motto: CONNECTING HOSPITALITY.


HOSCOM – Hospitality Communication – optimises internal hotel communication and digitalises all daily operational work processes. HOSCOM’s aim is to close the information gaps between departments and employees and to flexibly link the existing hotel system landscape in order to make the day-to-day work of hotel employees easier and improve the guest experience. HOSCOM relies on cloud-based holistic networking of all employees and departments, an open API philosophy and a flexible plug-and-play modular system.

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