How you can reduce superfluous employee costs with a professional hotel communication

Like many others, we could now write in general about hotel software and thus ultimately also about our own. But we could also write about the still very strong lack of readiness that the industry cultivates towards digitalisation in the hotel industry. But we don’t. We would rather pick you up with solutions that you have been looking for quite a while long: Namely, whether it is possible, in addition to productivity, to save superfluous costs in employee management when it comes to employee retention using our own hotel communication platform.

Setting the course - Why digitalisation is indispensable in the hotel industry

We live in an age in which it is hardly possible to do everyday things without digital solutions: be it booking the hotel for the business trip via digital platforms, processing credit card payments via digital devices or evaluating the holiday via special digital portals. The world is becoming more digital and at the same time simpler. However, those who close their eyes to the enormous possibilities will lose out.

The hotel industry is one of the sectors that can hardly decide for itself whether digitalisation makes sense for economic success or not. Because this success is 100% dependent on whether enough guests book or not. And since guests, unlike non-humanitarian influencers such as automated technologies that rely on continuous programming, are constantly evolving digitally and independently, hotels and restaurants are forced to respond to this digital evolution.

The world is becoming more digital, more transparent and faster. And with it, people and their handling of digital technologies. Those who have to vie for the favour of guests on the market today can no longer avoid comprehensive hotel software and digital solutions for successful hotel communication. We at HOSCOM go one step further and close the gap between departments, employees and guests with our application and integrate the necessary tools for an effective and pleasant working atmosphere.

3 small changes that make a big difference through digital hotel communication

If you look at the dynamics of successful communicative measures, you will quickly notice what can be achieved with good communication. In the following, we want to show you three small changes that make a big difference through digital hotel communication:

#1 - Effectiveness for guests & employees

The question of when communication is effective can be answered relatively quickly and simply in an economic and entrepreneurial sense: When you solve problems for a certain target group, for example, save time that can be used more effectively for them and thus create financial added value. Effective communication can also be the deciding factor for employees as to whether they stay with a company in the long term or not. With HOSCOM’s solutions, we not only create effectiveness for employees in the various departments, but also reduce personnel costs by lowering the fluctuation rate.

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#2 - Resource-efficient communication as a value-adding factor

When it comes to the question of future solutions for environmentally friendly business factors, the topic of digital hotel communication and hotel software will be indispensable. Our solution saves money, requires less staff for standardised tasks and protects the environment by using significantly less paper. By the way: These factors are decisive for or against the company for certain target groups within staff recruitment. This is also an important point in positioning the company as an attractive employer.

#3 - Driving sales through an experiential customer experience

One of the highest goals of effective communication is revenue and how this can be steadily increased. Our solutions in hotel communication not only increase the productivity of the staff and thus simplify all processes; the effect is also felt by the guest, who finds fewer reasons for complaints. We design the customer experience by means of tangible communication and at the same time drive the turnover of the companies.

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