Meet Your Hotel's New Communication Platform: HOSCOM

The first holistic easy-to-use middleware for the employees in high-end & luxury hotels. HOSCOM closes the information gap between departments, employees & guests and integrates required tools to improve the working atmosphere and ensure the best guest experience.  

HOSCOM internal communication software hotel hotels

"Not only the New Normal, but the Future!"

A Strong & Reliable Solution for Your Hotel Operations

HOSCOM digitalises all work procedures and enables a transparent and holistic communication. The aim is to make the daily work routine easier for the hotel employees and thus to increase the quality of the hotel and the guest experience.  

  • Made for luxury hotels

    HOSCOM's focus is on high-end and luxury hotel processes.

  • Fully Responsive

    Finally a functioning holistic middleware for your hotel's operations.

  • Highly hotel-specified

    Intra- & cross departmental tools for every outlet.

  • Made by Hoteliers

    Finally a tech tool that was designed to work efficiently.

  • 24/7 Available

    HOSCOM prides itself on its 5-star customer support.

Connecting Hospitality

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